The You're Doing Great! pilot script is

****THE WINNER****
"Best Comedy Short Screenplay"
in the Austin After Dark
Film Festival Summer 2020

Semi-Finalist in the
Filmmatic Comedy
Screenplay Awards, Season 5

a Semi-Finalist in the
Big Apple Film Festival
Screenplay Competition 2020

an Official Selection in
The Art of Brooklyn
Film Festival 2020

and Comedy Semi-Finalist in the
Fade In Awards 2020

Short Summary: "You're Doing Great!" is a dramatization of the events surrounding the death of Sharon Spell's parents. It evolved from a one-person live show to a fully realized pilot. Sharon and her producing team took the next step by filming pages from the pilot to turn into a sizzle reel for submitting to festivals and pitching to networks and media outlets.
What does "You're Doing Great!" mean? While Sharon and her siblings faced their parents end of life care, they began to use this catch phrase with one another, "You're doing great!" In reality, they were not doing so great. Saying this was an ironic way to call out their misery, which made them laugh. It was that humor they shared that gave them all comfort during the most challenging of emotional times.

Based on a true story, Sharon Steele moves from NYC back home to Mississippi. She copes with personal loss as well as her own inner demons as current events unfold with the state flag, confederate monuments coming down and more. This multi-season series is flush with storylines that examine the stages of grief, dreams deferred, letting go of the past, moving forward.

It shows that no matter what, "You're Doing Great!"
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Sharon Steele: Sharon Spell
(Adam Ruins Everything [truTV],
Moth StorySLAM Winner,
Carolines on Broadway, UCB Theatre). @sharonspell
Stuart Steele: Jonathan Gregg
(High Maintenance [HBO],
Ray Donovan [SHOWTIME]). @jgregg_jonathan

Samuel Steele: Brian Faas
(Broad City [Comedy Central],
Best Week Ever [vh1],
UCB Theatre, Page Six).

Susan Steele: Kendall Ketcham
(Nationally touring comedian,
opener for Darrell Hammond).
The Auditioner: Ray Cordova
(Astronomy Club,
UCB Theatre, Sad Mariage).

Toni Brashton: Sandi Marx
(The Moth, RISK!, The Fableist).

Reece Barr: Garry N. Hannon
(Mysteries at the Museum [Travel Channel], The Real Queens of Kings County, Bears of Comedy).
Druncan Hinds: Darell J. Hunt
Amorie Gerald: Tahlia Robinson
(Piccolo Spoleto Festival, NY Comedy
Music Festival, Hidden Fences, All Female Reboot, Dirty Little Secrets Improv NYC, Gas Station Horror Improv).
Gerald Gerald: Jed Resnik
(BATSU! No Sleep ’til Madison).

With special appearances by:
Benjamin Jones
Marian Rosin
Garth Schilling


Director: Jorja Hudson
(Low Budget Sketch Show, CH2, Funny or Die, Elite Daily, Bustle, Internet Action Force and Jomey Productions).

Director of Photography: Andy Zou
( @yoandyzou

Producer: Ashley Sather
(Myrtle & Willoughby, UCB Digital, Gingham).

Assistant Director: Brittany Tomkin
(Myrtle & Willoughby).

Sound: Keaton Hild, Nico Osborne.

Art Director: Emily Hoffman
(SNL, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Americans, Myrtle & Willoughby, Low Budget Sketch Show).

Video Editor: Carina Jollie
(Funny or Die, Mas Major, The Chris Gethard Show, IFC Comedy Crib, UCB Digital).

Filmed on location at Metropolitan Bar in Williamsburg, FOU Studios in Astoria and Major World Service Department in Astoria.