All The Rage was created by Matt and Claudina and illustrated by Sharon Spell.

Matt and Claudina are a married couple who
currently produce (yes, they also work together) the Peabody Award-winning web series, The Onion News Network. All The Rage is a collection of real and made up moments of their honest contempt for the world around them. This series recently ran on

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15. Babies (1/14/11). In the olden days, it used to be that when you had kids, as soon as they could walk you could put them to work; washing clothes, planting seeds, milking livestock. Well, a toddler can't help us write a comic strip or produce hilarious videos and from what we've heard, they're kind of all about themselves and tend to not be super cooperative. Alright, gotta get back to work.

14. VIP Seating (1/7/11). Why do people behave the way that they do? What motivates people to make the decisions they make? Is it God, our environment, or an innate morality? We're going to go with self-interest. The only thing that ever seems to really motivate people is if there's something in it for them or if they feel guilty. So, if you can't get what you want by convincing someone they're life will be improved by helping you out, then make them feel like shit.

13. Happy New Year (12/31/10). Despite the feeling that one particular calendar day is an annual chance for a new beginning, New Year's Eve is just another day in your crummy life. If forced to endure the pomp and circumstance of this overblown holiday, drink well and plenty. Happy New Year.

12. Happy Holidays From All the Rage (12/24/10). Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the "holiday season" is the perfect time of year to kick back and take some time for yourself. Unfortunately, family obligations, long shopping lists, and backed-up chores always seem to get in the way of a good time. This year, blow it all off and do what you really want. You'll enjoy it so much more and anyone you disappoint will get over it. Happy Holidays.

11. Fucking Idiots (12/17/10). If a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody around, does it make a sound? If an artist or group of artists creates something that entertains you, but they are not around to hear your praise, should you applaud? No you shouldn't, because it's pointless and really fucking annoying.

10. No Help (12/10/10). Everyday we are bombarded with requests to save the lives of our fellow man. While we're flattered by the implications that go with the frequent solicitations, we are not heroes. We are, despite our aura, just trying our best to not have to eat dog food when we're old.

9. Walking The Dog (12/3/10). One thing every potential dog owner must know, especially if they live in a city, is that they will have to pick up shit, in public, on a daily basis. As humiliating as that is, having a dog is far superior to having a child: you can still go out and get drunk as hell, after thirteen years of love and sacrifice it won't tell you it hates you, and if it turns out to be a fuck face you can just blame it on the breed.

8. Happy Thanksgiving (11/24/10). Once you become an adult, the Holidays are primarily about eating as much as you possibly can in one sitting and then passing out in front of the TV. We should all be thankful there are at least a couple of days a year when your voracious appetite and feckless lifestyle aren't culpable in limiting our capacity for progress as a species. Happy Thanksgiving.

7. Lost Girl (12/19/10)

6. Lucky Stiff (11/12/10)

4. Halloween (10/29/10)

3. Spider (10/21/10)

2. Baby (10/14/10) Watch on YouTube