Climate change is on the ballot next year.
Gun safety is on the ballot next year.
Women's freedom is on the ballot next year.
Pick a race. Volunteer. Don't agonize. Organize.

Photo: Mindy Tucker

Southern-born fashion plate Sharon Spell is a
Breakout Artist at Carolines,
Moth StorySLAM winner,
RISK podcast storyteller and
the co-host of Gems Storytelling.

She's appeared in Myrtle & Willoughby, Adam Ruins Everything on truTV,
with Lady Parts Justice, at UCBT and all around NYC.
And check out the sweet archives of The Sharon Spell Show podcast.

No bummers!

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Commercial Agent: Alison.Quartin @ StewartTalent.Com
email: SharonSpell.Com @ Gmail.Com

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